Chicken and asparagus in cream sauce

Ready for another lazy o< cuisine blog post? Let’s do this – today we’re making chicken and asparagus.

Start by pre-cooking asparagus to your preferred level of doneness. I steam them for 20 minutes – works pretty well for me. Let them cool for a while if needed, and cut them into 2-3cm pieces.


You can do that first, or while you’re preparing the rest – there’s no time or temperature constraint here.

Heat a pan, get some oil in it, chop an onion, dump it in.


Cut some chicken breasts into bite-sized pieces. Add them to the browning onion, let everything cook for a while – until the chicken browns as well. Add salt before you forget.


Open a bottle of white wine, check it’s drinkable. And that you didn’t accidentally open sweet wine, because that wouldn’t work. And yes, I could have done with a brush in my hair this morning. Eh.


Pour some in the pan, scratch the bottom of the pan with your spatula to get whatever’s sticking in there despite the nonstick coating (might have wanted to do that in a non-nonstick pan, actually). Let it bubble for a while.


Add the asparagus to the pan, let them re-heat for a few dozen of seconds; make sure the chicken is cooked through.


Add cream, stir together.IMG_20200322_124653

Add parmesan, stir again.


Add some pepper, stir.


Serve, eat, enjoy.


And since everything is bite-sized, you don’t need a knife to eat and you can eat in a bowl 🙂

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